evolving enigma

Picking up the paint brush has been the most amazing adventure to have happened to young Muskaan. At 15, like others her age, Muskaan bursts over with questions about everything under the sun. And to explore these personal enquiries, Muskaan chooses to create art. Take a look into the young artist’s wondrous mind in Evolving Enigma, her first art exhibition. 48 artworks from Muskaan’s collection will display dreamy landscapes, enigmatic forms and lively plays of colour.

Muskaan’s paintings express her instinctive joy in being with nature, which is her primary source of inspiration. But Muskaan’s paintings are also an expression of her inner self. Pouring her emotions onto paper using brushes, she lets the images create themselves. Being completely free in her expression, with little worry about what the final forms will be, her paintings turn out like visual imagery – imagery of what lies within her. This instinctive quality in Muskaan’s art is gradually becoming her artistic identity. Her colour palette, dominated by shades of blue, lends a thoughtful quality to her art, heightening its sensorial experience.

The exhibition Evolving Enigma marks Muskaan’s first step into the world of visual arts. Mentored by Arjan Patel and encouraged by her family, young Muskaan will be sharing her adventures in art with all.