Scottish Lavender by Muskaan Darshan

Scottish Lavender is a young adult fiction which portrays the journey of the protagonist, Ella’s life. The different stages of her life show the upbringing and evolution of her personality in the form of a narration. Ella talks about the most exceptional years of her life and how they changed her. From an adventurous farewell trip with her friends to a fairy tale like experience in a magical country called Merriborough, Ella faces several difficult choices to make. From having to go to jail to paving new paths of life, will Ella make the correct choice when it matters the most?



It was some time right before sunrise, and I couldn’t find myself to be sleepy. There was no reason for that really, except for the fact that I had been quite relaxed at that time,

as college was over and I had finally graduated with a degree in Arts and Literature. I was lying on my bed when I suddenly decided to let go of my laziness and do some work. I went to a more deserted part of the house and went through a few drawers that hadn’t been disturbed in years. A feeling of curiosity had never struck me for these drawers because they were just kept in an old room of the house, which used to be my mother’s art studio. But for as long as I can recall, this part of the house has not been very functional. Although I love to paint, I never thought of using that room and just preferred to work in the closed balcony outside my room. It had the most congenial atmosphere to work in; I could see a small park as I would peek down from there.

I had finally discovered that drawer with all the photo albums of my childhood, and the pictures that I saw had one specific character that hadn’t been around in my life for as long as I could remember.