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  • Ananya Shah

    Wonderful Work by all the members! Congratulations and Happy Diwali!

    • Himani Shah

      Whoa! Congratulations to all little wonders
      I myself loved mythological stories as a child and this was like diving into it again. Though our generation just took them as stories but you people have done a great job my going into depth of each character and story. Excellent work!! Keep going!

      • Muskaan2019

        Thank you! Even we had a lot of fun working on this topic!

  • Smita Shah

    Interesting subject. Muskaan you’re doing wonderful job. Diwali is round the corner and you choose relevant topics. I read at a glance but couldn’t resist my self to write review. Another after reading it. Promise.

    • Muskaan2019

      Thank you for your appreciation! Will be looking forward to another review from you 🙂

  • Pradita Shah

    Amazing work done by all the members! I feel like reading the newsletter and articles all over again. So proud that you all worked hard on such a topic as mythology! Keep it up!

  • Mahua Pakrashi

    Excellent job done. These characters from Indian mythology always infatuated me. Great research work , very informative.

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