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  • Prakash Mehta

    Superb! All the members have written amazingly well. Keep it up!

    • Ayush

      These articles were a treat to read… Especially the one written by Prisha Mehta..

  • Suryaja Patel

    all the stories were very well written, loved how the Christmas theme was perfectly enhanced through these stories. Good job!

  • Hiya shah

    Merry Christmas!
    All the members out there have well drafted and beautifully written! Way to go!

  • Manushi

    Small things of life are explained perfectly through simple stories.. very well written!

  • Prisha

    all of them have written beautifully!
    loved it!

  • Ananya

    Wonderful work by all the members! Merry & Bright!

  • Niral Mehta

    All the stories are beautifully written .. keep reading

  • Pradita Shah

    Great job by all the book club members! Keep it up!

  • Himani Shah

    Wonderful! Brought back memories of reading these stories. Each and every member has done a great job ! Kudos to you guys ❤️ Keep it up !!

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