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  • Himani Shah

    Very good effort by all of you . Poems are always difficult to create taste for but you youngsters have done a very good job. A huge applause.

  • Pradita Shah

    Amazing work done by all the members! Keep it up! Proud of you.

  • Smita Shah

    Well done Muskaan. Your news letter is much more than last one because it contains bunch of poems about different perspectives. I loved this. All members tried to give views at their best
    Congrats to all. Keep it up.

  • Mahua Pakrashi

    An initiative very well taken, by all members. Poetry is not everybody’s cup of tea. To understand poetry you have to read between the lines and every reader has a different interpretation. I was very happy to read my favourite poets poem Robert Frost and John Donne. A great job by all the members. Keep it up !

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