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  • Smita Shah

    Having interest in reading books is a walking path on a bright future. Keep it up. Feeling extremely happy for you all. Lots of love and best wishes to all.

  • Ananya

    Starting and sustaining a book club is a difficult thing. And keeping them all invested with the different interests they may have is a task in itself but you have managed that effortlessly and bring to us this Newsletter every month. That demonstrates great leadership skills, great work! I also really liked the style of this issue more than the previous one. My regards to all the readers of the club!

      • Prakash Mehta

        Happy to see your interest in various things like
        Painting book reading poetry etc along with your studies Great effort
        We feel proud
        Love you Bless you for your bright future

  • Himani Shah

    Well done Muskaan, congratulations on one more achievement! You make us all proud in whatever activity you do. Keep it up!
    Congratulations to all club members too! Very well written! Keep up the good work. Best wishes!

  • Sharvil

    Great initiative Muskaan ! It’s a difficult task but like always you are doing it flawlessly.

    It’s great to encourage others to read and share your view on a book. You and the team have done a super job.

    Keep it up !

  • Pradita Shah

    All of you members have put in so much of hard work and effort, this is absolutely wonderful. Keep doing such work, keep it up!

  • Nishtha

    Muskaan the dedication and compassion with which you fulfil your dreams is worth a million praise … this is a great initiative not only to fulfil your passion but also help others make books their best friends … great going and wish u loads of luck !!!

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